August 31, 2009

The Brits getting the inside images of Jaycee Lee Dugard's "secret prison"

The British are coming, and they are all over the Jaycee Dugard story. It's front page news in London newspapers, and a scrappy and law-bending British-born freelancer hopped the fence to get photos from inside Dugard's tent.

The photos show the selection of reading materials available to Dugard and her daughters, such as a self-help book, titled Self Esteem: A Family Affair, as well plenty of paperbacks by Dean Koontz, the best-selling author of suspense thrillers that are said to incorporate elements of horror, science fiction, mystery and satire.

Sorry, I've never read him. Any Koontz fans out there who could provide any insight on any significance of Koontz in the Garrido family library? Wikipedia says that "Koontz describes his youth as one of poverty under the abuse of a tyranical father."

Meanwhile, the photos by Nick Stern, also show items that you'd find in any girl's or young woman's bedroom: cat ornaments, books about cat care, floral linens, snow globes, makeup, jewelry box, and a hair brush.

The photos, by Nick Stern, are published on the website for the London-based Guardian newspaper, as well as the Telegraph, with its story "Jaycee Lee Dugard: Inside the secret world where she was held captive for 18 years."


Anonymous said...

CiS I usually enjoy your blog about local things of interest in Walnut Creek, but this entry really hits my nerve. If you scroll down a few entry you will see the following:

"I hope the media--Oprah included--leave Jaycee Dugard alone"

No by providing the link to websites featuring photos from Jaycee Dugards living quaters you are violating you own hope.

Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh please, you can find links via google.

News is news, even tragic news, people should be aware of what happens in the world. Knowledge is power.

People should know about this kind of stuff so we can protect others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21 please tell me how seeing pictures from the conditions how Jaycee Dugard was imprisoned helps you to protect others?

And your point about being able to find the links via Google is simply stupid. Following your logic why not post then pornography on this blog, because you can find this via Google too.

You claim the problem is the sensationalistic media, when you create the demand.

Shame on Anon 9:21 too!!!!!!!

Jojo Potato said...

So Nick Stern was able to get inside the house and yard to take these pictures? That's not right, this is supposed to be a crime scene, not a tourist attraction. BTW, he does weddings too. Look up his web site for examples.

Anonymous said...

Crazy, I think you're WAY overthinking this. Koontz writes as you describe.. there is no underlying reason why Jaycee or anyone else in that house would like Koontz. Suspense, some secret military testing scenerios, horror, scary.. nothing to do with anything. I have to agree that you're maybe just as guity here as other "press" trying to bite into every angle of this story, even where none exists. Hey at least she was working on her self esteem... should we delve into why.. who bought the book... who else read it... were there any gardening books? cook books? Oh, what about the romance novels, what significance did those have?

Soccer Mom said...

Thanks for expressing your different viewpoints on whether I contradicted myself, by providing links to photos inside living quarters of Jaycee Dugard and her daughters.

I don't know that directing readers to the photos is the same as hounding or securing an interview with her. Are these photos, of what's on top of the dresser or on the book shelves any more invasive than any of the backyard photos that we've been seeing. Are these photos an invasion of privacy? Well, they are a crime scene, and privacy kind of goes out the window then. Then again, any of the horrors that Jaycee endured, as they are uncovered during interviews, will become a matter of public record if Garrido is prosecuted for them.

On the other hand, it WAS a crime scene and the photographer trespassed on that scene. The authorities are not going to prosecute him though.

To be honest, I don't think I contradicted myself. As for grabbing at yet another angle just to have something NEW on my site about the Dugard case, you might have a point. I DO think it's interesting how this has become an international story, and how the Brits are especially going after it.

In any event, the Contra Costa Times, that bastion of more respectable journalism than my blog has also published its own version of this post, with a much more detailed list of items visible in these Nick Stern photos.

Anonymous said...

Soccer Mom I do think your excuses are .... well just excuses.

Are pictures from inside your living quaters a matter of privacy? Of course they are.

I don't know if directing the reader to photos is the same as hounding sombody for an inteview? Yes it is. It is profiting from a tragic event. Maybe in your case not financially but neverthless it generates traffic on your site and makes you more known.

Well it is a crime scene and privacy kind of goes out the window then? Even if you are leagally right, does it make it ethically right. You advocated hope that the media would not intrude the privacy of Jaycee. Now are you saying as a vicim of a crime she has no right to privacy because it all will become a matter of public record? Why would that no apply to Oprah? Geraldo? Nancy Grace? Katie Couric etc.?

To be honest, I don't think I contradicted myself? Of course you are.

The CC Times too posted pictures? That is the lamest of excuses. Just because somebody else is trying to increas readership from this story all ethics is out the window? You must be kidding?

Anonymous said...

This latest round of reporting from various sites does seem like an invasion of Dugard's and her daughters' privacy. Then again, these unfortunate individuals will have had every scrap of their mental, physical, emotional and sexual beings dissected in the public spotlight before all is said and done. I could easily imagine them all changing their names and moving far away at some point in their futures, to be free of public scrutiny.