August 29, 2009

LAS ... BTR ... Huh? Taggers hit Walnut Creek shopping center, but what are they trying to say?

Maybe someone out there, proficient in Taggerspeak, can translate this mark left on a wall above the shops at ths strip mall at Newell Avenue and South Main Street in Walnut Creek.

Are the dreaded gangs, from "scary" places like Concord, infiltrating Walnut Creek? Or, is this yet another Central Contra Costa swim club prank? Or just some other benign youthful effort to mark one's territory.

I wish I could read all that's written here: I can only make out some of the letters. If there is someone out there who can fill me in-- as well as other Walnut Creekans, who have no doubt noticed it while passing through this busy intersection--I would greatly appreciate it.

I first noticed it Wednesday while meeting a "high-level" Crazy in Suburbia source for coffee at Pacific Bay Coffee Co. More on that high-level meeting in the near future. Pssst!


Anonymous said...

High level source? Must have been Mayor of Claycord.

Anonymous said...

they are tagging all along Boulevard Way, not two blocks from where the guy got stabbed -

who was the man who was stabbed?

MC said...
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MC said...

lash is the tag name, btr is the crew, or group of friends, that she/he is a part of.

like most graffiti, it's not gang related at all.

Anonymous said...

They are all too illiterate to tag in a coherent manner.

Illiterati can't graffiti.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand to see the stuff. We should adopt some serious penalties for the offenders.

How do you call to report it?

Anonymous said...

They are tagging. What they are trying to say is this is my TAG and my crew. Don't try to overcomplicate or interpret. They are writing their initials on the wall. Publicity like this are what they live for so if your goal is to get rid of them then don't post articles like this.

Anonymous said...

So when do you take it more seriously than "it's my tag and I'm associated with this group"? When someone finally says it is their turf? When someone gets shot or stabbed?

Soccer Mom said...

Thanks for the interpretations of what this might mean. And, giving publicity to these taggers? I don't know. It's not like it's not in plain view. Maybe this is becoming an increasing issue around town.
Oh, and no, the high level source was not the Mayor of Claycord.
As for the stabbing over in Saranap. I'll check tomorrow with either the Sheriff's PR guy or the investigations folks. It didn't sound like the victim had life-threatening injuries.

Castle Hill Bill said...

Main St. at Castle Hill Road along with the wall on Lancaster Road were hit aka tagged about a month ago. Supposedly by a'crew' on skateboards wearing backpacks to carry the spray paint cans. These are not some evil lowlifes from Concord, but WC's own home grown, ill mannered, spoiled, middle class, wanna be punks. When caught, I wish that they would publish their parent's names so that we can all acknowledge the fine job of child rearing that their parents performed. Plus then we would all know who should be billed for the cleanup.

Anonymous said...

According to Merriam-Webster, vandalism is defined as "willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property."

As far as I can tell, tagging is a willful defacement of public or private property. If this is true, then tagging = vandalism. Vandalism is illegal and is a crime, and hence so is tagging.

Castle Hill Bill has the right idea, but not only should the parents of these kids pay the bill - these kids should spend a night in jail and be forced to do community work by cleaning up all of the tagging around the city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 10:35pm. Tagging as well as broken windows and other non violent crimes can lead to blight. The empty storefronts in town are an ivitation for such illegal activity.WC can't allow these incidents to go unsolved or unpunished. Does the city have the manpower to investigate?