August 29, 2009

Guess who? CD-10 candidate leaving Walnut Creek grocery store with... fruit plate!!!

Blind Item! I Spy!!!

Stopped by Walnut Creek's Whole Foods to grab a salad bar lunch today, and happened to spy one of the 14 candidates for the 10th congressional districts out doing some grocery shopping!!!

I'd say I was turning into Gawker, but I'm such a coward I didn't pull out my camera and snap candid photo of candidate...

Who is in the candidate? He/She is coming down the wire in a hotly contest race to replace Ellen Tauscher as U.S. representative.

The primary special election is Tuesday!!! Don't forget to vote!!!

Who could it be?

This candidate, in white trousers and dark shirt, wheeled out a load of groceries to the parking lot. Notably, for eco-friendly voters out there, this candidate managed to have said groceries loaded into those Whole Foods re-usable bags.

And yes, I noticed that, on top of these eco-friendly bags of groceries, was sitting a Whole Foods platter of cut fresh fruit. No doubt, the platter was intended for some campaign event, though candidate's calendar doesn't specifically indicate a campaign event for today...


Anonymous said...


Jojo Potato said...

A candidate that shops at Whole Foods simply tells me that they are easily swayed by organic/healthy/natural marketing. While these ideas may have begun with some good ideas, now they are just attractive terms to bring in the rubes. Since WalMart is now a big organic retailer, I will let you make up your own mind.

I wonder how much of that plate was grown in California?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, organic vs. conventional, the debate.

Fine, if you are okay with pesticides, knock your self out.

Give me an organic tomato or strawberry over conventional produce any day.

Soccer Mom said...

Another hint:

This candidate recently gave themselves quite a chunk of change to their own campaing.

Anonymous said...

Joan Buchanan

amy said...

I knew the answer before the chunk-o-change hint. Buchanan... the white pants were the give away.