September 8, 2009

Which O'Malley sibling will make it first to District Attorney in their counties? Dan in Contra Costa or Nancy in Alameda?

In a surprise announcement, Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff announced today to his county's supervisors that he was retiring from his elected post, which he has held since 1994.

He urged the supervisors to appoint his chief deputy and second-in-command, Nancy O'Malley, to succeed him. The San Francisco Chronicle says that "if the board goes along, it would be a boon to O'Malley's election chances should she run in June's scheduled election."

Meanwhile, Nancy's brother, Dan O'Malley, has just kicked off his campaign to run for District Attorney in 2010.

Dan and Nancy come from a powerful family in the East Bay legal establishment. Their father, Bill O'Malley, was Contra Costa's District Attorney. Dan O'Malley worked as a deputy district attorney in Contra Costa County, then served as a Contra Costa Superior Court judge. He met his wife, Mary Ann O'Malley, while both worked as Contra Costa County prosecutors. She is now a Contra Costa Superior Court judge.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to both of the O'Malley kids.

They have worked very hard in their respective jobs and take their responsibility to the public they serve very seriously. The only real "leg up" they have had in life is strong, wonderfully loving parents who both dedicated their lives to helping others.