October 23, 2009

How are you going to vote in three hot local races?

A big election is coming November 3, and how are you going to vote in these three races? Participate in the poll at left. (BTW, hope these polls are working; first time I've played with these gadgets! Let me know of any complications.)

--Walnut Creek's Measure I: Do you want a new department store--a Neiman Marcus--to be built in Broadway Plaza?

--The 10th Congressional District: Who do you want to replace former U.S. Representative Ellen Tauscher? Lt. Governor John Garamendi, a Democrat, or San Ramon attorney David Harmer?

--Measures G and H: Both measures would permanently extend parcel taxes in school districts covering Walnut Creek. Acalanes Union High School District's Measure G would extend an $189-per-parcel tax. Walnut Creek's Measure H would extend an $82 per-parcel tax.


Tina said...

NO NO NO on Measure G - aka The "Forever" Tax. Read today's Lamorinda Sun's letters to Editor. Acalanes Union high school disctrict has history of lousy financial management practices. They refinanced bonds FOUR times in two years, incurring high fees. We can't trust them.
Every citizen who wants to support their local schools can make a donation right NOW. Even if the parcel tax passes, you can still donate MORE to the school of your choice. I urge everyone to put your own money where your mouth is.

Anonymous said...


Don't believe everything you read. Lousy financial practices, we can't trust them, they take food from the mouths of children!

Let's fund the schools appropriately "forever"!

Vote yest on G & H. It's an extension of the parcel tax for schools. Join me in continuing to donate in other ways also.

See you at the next fundraiser Tina.

Anonymous said...

Vote "YES" on measures G and H. It is imperative to the education of our children. The forever thing is a great thing in my opinion. I want to see quality education for children FOREVER!! VOTE YES, the kids deserve and need it.

Anonymous said...

No on I, Garamendi, and Yes for schools, ie, my real estate value. Already voted by mail.

Anonymous said...

We would have voted Yes on G&H if we lived in those districts.

We voted by absentee ballot a strong Yes on I. Voted for our party's candidate in the congressional race.

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 11:33 don't think a big empty store where David M was isn't going to affect your property values? How about less sales tax money to fund police, crossing guards and city programs...quality of life programs affect property values. Don't believe the carpetbagger YES on I. Also yes on G and H.

Anonymous said...

4:03 Why is the one carpetbagger less believable than the other? People seem to ignore that it's two big out-of-town businesses in this pissing match. I don't believe that NM is going to build there anyway so I'll be voting with the idea that the measure is for the benefit of the property owner and an as of yet unknown tenant business.

Yes on schools!

Anonymous said...

4:03 PM

Ask yourself why the "big empty store where David M was" is empty.

Think real hard..... oh yes, it is empty because Macerich made it empty by buying out David M's lease to move him across the street so they could build an even bigger store on that location.

Do you think that David M had
flourished because of the move? Go to the current store to see if it is the same vibrant and bustling business it was before the move. NOT! Another locally owned store is quickly going down the tube because of greedy outside business interests who really don't care about home based retail, just the bottom line.

For that reason alone, vote NO on I.

Anonymous said...

First, and most important - Neiman Marcus has already SIGNED A TWENTY YEAR LEASE WITH MACERICH FOR THEIR NEW STORE (with an option to extend to 100 years).

The Macerich Company, which owns Broadway Plaza, has been a local resident for many years. They are certainly not carpetbaggers. Broadway Plaza opened in 1951! Broadway Plaza is also a great corporate citizen that supports many local civic groups and nonprofits in worthy causes.

Taubman, on the other hand, does not have a single square inch of property in Walnut Creek! Their only interest is to destroy jobs and businesses in Walnut Creek so that they can move everything to a new mall they hope to run in San Ramon. Taubman is viciously attacking on our City without the monetary support of a single dime from local citizens. You can check the FPPC Form 460 reports at our City Clerk's office in City Hall.

Taubman Corp., Albert Taubman the federal convict (price-fixing for Sotheby's with jail time in a cushy tennis-court prison), and Al Abrams the sleazy Anaheim shill are totally disgusting.

Please Vote Yes on Measure I!

Also, PLease vote Yes on Measures G & H.

Anonymous said...

If, in fact, Neiman Marcus has signed a twenty year lease with Macerich, why was that not clearly stated in the written wording of the initiative? There is no guarantee anywhere that Macerich is obligated to put a Neiman's in the 92,000 sf store that the passage of Measure I gives the nod to.

Yes, Broadway Plaza has been around since 1951 but the version before Macerich ownership had a majority of locally owned stores that truly made it a unique shopping center. Now it contains almost all chain stores that can be found in any upscale shopping mall around the country. The unique stores are now north of Mt. Diablo Blvd. where they might just be able to survive because the rents are less and hours of operation are not regulated by a central owner not headquartered in our city.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:03, The empty storefront that was David M. Byrant was caused by macerich/the Chamber of Corportate Greed/and the short sighted city council.

The sales tax money that you hang your hat on is easily offset by the unnecessary underground parking garage (in excess of $185.000 per spot) at the new Hicks/Regalia/Silva library.

Most city staff know they are being sold out for the library; thus they are all facilitating at the listening sessions in fear of losing their jobs. Ask them, they are willing to talk, off the record of course.

Anonymous said...

If They have signed it, publish it. Haha, they would never sign something like that.

Carl said...

What jobs will NM create? How many will be lost? What are the opportunity costs with NM coming in? Is NM the savior of WC commerce?

Anonymous said...

Anons 9:33 & 9:35

It's easy to Google information about the 20-year lease at Broadway Plaza for Neiman Marcus, If you don't know how to do an on-line search, here is a link to the Reuters (world-wide wire service) article from August 4, 2008. There are many other published references.

Regarding the underground parking spaces at the new library, please do the math again because you are off by a factor of seven! The underground parking IS expensive but the City listened to residents that did not want a multi-story above ground lot. There will be 151surface & underground parking spots for a total cost of $4M. That works out to $26,490 per spot. Revenues from the underground spots will pay for the investment. Parking in the underground spots will cost the same as at other City garages. Currently that's a bargain at $0.50per hour.

I know a lot of City staff that support the new library and do not feel sold out. I guess there is no use starting a discussion about the separation of Operating Budget from Capital Budget if your minds are already made up.

Anonymous said...

7:22 AM -

Since there will be only a net increase of 50 NEW parking spaces at the library, figure the cost per parking space on that basis and then tell us how to justify the high cost.

The city only "listened" to the citizens regarding the multi-level above ground garage AFTER their plans were defeated at the polls.

As to revenues paying for the costly underground parking spots...
not going to happen in our lifetime...first the
$4M "borrowed" from the parking fund for construction must be repaid.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:34am,

There is no function served by trying to reason with an unreasonable and exceedingly bitter person.

I give up.

The library project seems to be responsible in your eyes and those of Ken Hambrick, Selma King and their ilk for every bad thing happening in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County and, why not, the whole universe.

Oops, look up, the sky is falling and the world is flat.

I ask the good people of Walnut Creek to Vote Yes on Measures G, H and I.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that 11:34 was reasoning quite well I'm not saying I agree with the arguments but they qualified as reasoning.

11:52 -- can you point out what part of the 11:34 post was either bitter or unreasonable?

Anonymous said...

Per RAMPART, we need parking so this is a good thing... Yes on I.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1:07 PM,

11:34 AM again.....Thank you for thinking that I am a reasonable person even though you may not agree with my thoughts.

Please note that 11:52 AM found it easier to name call rather than answer the question I posed. Guess it is difficult to defend your "facts" when the numbers don't come out the way you want them to.

Anonymous said...

This is 11:52.
It is unreasonable to use false mathematics to bolster your arguments about the parking garage.
It is unreasonable to complain about the City using parking funds to construct a parking lot.

Anonymous said...

11:52 - Yes, it is unreasonable to use "false math" to bolster an argument but it's not enough to just claim that the math is wrong without showing why.

As for the second part. That wasn't even the argument presented.

I really am undecided on measure I and I will not be swayed by emotional or ad hominem arguments. 11:34 made points that deserved a rational response. Is there anyone on the pro-I side who can present their case for me?

Support the school measures everyone. Critical thinking is precious.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19 PM,

I read the message from 11:34. It has absolutely nothing to do with Measure I. So how would any discussion about these unrelated issues affect you vote on Measure I.

Chuck said...

First of all... the no parking feel in WC is a myth. Plenty of parking. I do have a question. What happends if measure i fails? What happens then? Back to the drawing board? Does David M Brian go back? Does NM go elsewhere? Has this been articulated yet? And if so, where?

Anonymous said...

OK, Yes on G, H and I.

Very simple, very easy.