October 22, 2009

WANTED: Residential burglary suspect

The Walnut Creek police just issued a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) alert for a residential burglar who has several break-ins in Central Contra Costa County.

Here's the alert, and I'll check on details of when and where these burglaries took place:

The Walnut Creek Police Department would like you to be-on-the-lookout for a Residential Burglary Suspect and vehicle that has been responsible for several home burglaries throughout Central County. 

Vehicle Description: Plymouth Breeze, green, with a faded green hood and roof. Llicense plate number is unknown.

The burglar is described as a white male adult, with a shaved head, possibly has a goatee.

If you see this vehicle, please contact the Walnut Creek Police Department at (925) 935-6400.


Anonymous said...

Use your cell phone cameras folks!

Anonymous said...

Great idea from poster at 2:35 pm about the cell phone cameras! ... of course, I'm still one of those folks that don't have the camera feature. (I think my cell phone is older than my cats!) But still an excellent idea...

Anonymous said...

I used to watch a TV show on the Discovery Channel that featured people who voluntarily allowed a professional to break into their houses. This was done so that they could evaluate how vulnerable they were to potential burglary.

Lock your windows. Keep them all closed and don't even let them be open an inch when you are gone. Add a security bar to your sliding glass doors. Put deadbolts on all exterior doors, including any doors in your garage. Don't leave keys outside of your house or in your cars that are in the garage. Don't leave car keys lying around the house in the open. Someone could break into your house and steal your car with the keys. Use a safe that is bolted to the ground otherwise the burglar will take the entire safe.

Don't leave credit cards lying around the house. Put them in the safe.

Also block out or cut out the address on the insurance papers in your car. A person could steal your car and find your address from the insurance papers and go to rob your house. Keep the garage door opener hidden. Otherwise someone could steal your car and drive to your house and open the garage door.

If you live alone, put a 5 dollar bill near the front door on a counter or table. If you come home and you see the bill missing, you know that a burglar has entered the house.

Anonymous said...

Local police departments are happy to come to your neighborhood to have a Neighborhood Watch meeting to transmit helpful information and to conecct neighbors to work together.

After a spate of problems in our neighborhood, we invited the Walnut Creek Police to visit us. We have now improved our level of alertness and have identified several suspicious characters to the police. We're not paranoid but we now understand better the best way to work with our police to improve neighborhood safety.

jaxon said...

There are residential alarm companies in many cities, there are alarms that do not make sounds but can detect movements and can alarm the police directly.Before installing, one has to find one appropriate one that suits them.