November 3, 2009

Measures G & H: Early results show they are passing the 2/3 "yes" vote necessary

In very early results, the two measures to extend parcel taxes in school districts covering Walnut Creek elementary and middle schools and Walnut Creek and Lamorinda high schools are receiving a very positive response from voters. Both measures, so far, have received more than than the 2/3 of voter approval needed to pass.

With seven of 49 precincts reporting, Measure G, which would allow the Acalanes Union High School District to permanently extend its $189 per-parcel tax, has received a "yes" vote from nearly 74 percent of voters so far. Twenty-six percent of the total 24,576 have said "no."

With four of 23 precincts reporting, Measure H, which would allow the Walnut Creek school district to permanently extend its $82 per parcel tax, has received a "yes" vote from 75 percent of voters so for. Nearly 25 percent of the total 10,790 have said "no."


Anonymous said...

Gay, but Always vote for schools.

Anonymous said...

Straight, but Always vote. ????