November 3, 2009

Walnut Creek's pro-Neiman Marcus Measure I leading so far

In early results, the Contra Costa County elections division shows that Measure I, which would allow Broadway Plaza to bring a new 92,000-square-foot department store into downtown Walnut Creek, is receiving a 70 percent favorable approval. With three of 26 precincts reporting, 70 percent of Walnut Creek voters have said "yes" to Measure I; nearly 30 percent have said no.

These results cover around 14,000 votes cast so far.


Last wise resident in W.C. said...

The rich will keep getting richer and the less will always dream

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America!

Concerned Citizen said...

This just shows you how much people in Walnut Creek need their shiny things. VERY SAD and PATHETIC

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen,

It's a regional shopping mall that happens to provide sales tax revenue to the city. Just like auto malls.

Most didn't vote to have a new place to shop... VERY LOGICAL

Concerned Citizen said...



I don't think they would have voted for it had they been educated with truth. I have some ocean front property in ARZ if your interested?:)