November 18, 2009

Second knife possession incident at Walnut Creek Intermediate, and another reminder to parents

While investigating reports of smoke bombs on campus Friday morning, school officials found a second student in two days in possession of a knife. This was a “locking blade knife,” according to the Walnut Creek police daily bulletin.

The student was released to the custody of parents, and school officials say the student is no longer enrolled at WCI.

School officials say no one was threatened or even shown the knife at school. “While this was the second knife that was found at WCI in two days, an event like this remains a very rare occurrence.”

They add that “students found in possession of a weapon on campus are issued a five-day suspension and the police are called. The student may face criminal charges and be recommended for expulsion.”

The 7th grade student in Thursday’s incident was arrested, according to the Walnut Creek police daily bulletin. The day before, that student had apparently been seen exhibiting the weapon on the trail next to the school.


Masterlock said...

Where do these kids go once they are kicked out of WCI?

Anonymous said...

I blame the Swiss Army.

Anonymous said...

Damn library

Anonymous said...

the police daily bulleting?

Soccer Mom said...

Nice catch 3:17

Anonymous said...

Masterlock, I think students that are kicked out of WCI end up placed in an alternative school in other districts, as WCSD does not have it's own community day school.

That said, it sounds like the parents may have withdrawn their child from the school rather than wait for that child to be officially expelled.

Anonymous said...

Now, if some knives were permitted and some were not, it would allow children's parents to challenge the rule if the knife were close to the acceptable size.

If a kid is going fishing or camping, a knife might be perfectly acceptable, but not at school.

Zero tolerance means keeping kids safe.