November 19, 2009

What's it like to believe satellites are tracking your thoughts and that your co-workers are plotting to kidnap and kill you?

Find out here, in this essay, Paranoia Makes Me Sweat, by a Crazy suburban dad, now published in More Intelligent Life, a quarterly print and online magazine from the Brit-based newsweekly The Economist.

"The controllers know almost all of my movements and thoughts. I need a break to plan my next moves. I keep my head down to avoid making eye contact. Every encounter is an attack, with teeth that are razors ready to rip my flesh. I must please everyone or they will take out a whistle, blow on it and call the attack squad to surround me. They will put a hood over my head, subdue me and then take me to a cabin and kill me."


Anonymous said...

Soccer Mom,
This is scary stuff.

Lamont Cranston said...

This is so sad. He does a wonderful job of describing his symptoms and expressing the difficulty of living with his condition. He sounds like a very intelligent man. He is fortunate to have the love of his wife and his son. Life must be trying for them, too. You seem to be coping well. I wish you peace.