December 10, 2009

It's Team Edward on the top of our Christmas Tree!

It's become a tradition in our Crazy family to annually grace the top of our Christmas tree with a beloved figure of pop culture. Last year, we did Baby Stewie from The Family Guy. In years past, we've welcomed to this honored place in our home Napoleon Dynamite, Wile E. Coyote, and Darth Vader.

This year, we debated putting angel wings on Sarah Palin (our national savior, right?), but we decided to hop on the Twilight craze. I raced to Walnut Creek's Target and tried to find two special Twilight Barbies: vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob. We intended to have both on top of our tree, but I could only find Edward. Maybe the Jacob dolls were sold out?
Well, it worked out because my son happens to detest Jacob. He complained that the Jacob sections of the Twilight books were long and tedious and that Jacob whined far too much.

So, there you go: We're with Team Edward in this epic battle. Oh, and what's cool about this Edward doll is that, in certain light, he sparkles!


Masterlock said...

I made it through Harry Potter, I can make it through this. I made it through Harry Potter, I can make it through this...

Anonymous said...

That's just plain wrong! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Our family tradition is that the tree topper has to be a star. Our other family tradition is that every year the star somehow gets dropped or crushed or eaten (don't wasn't pretty), so we always scramble the next year to find a new star.

I like it when families cherish strange but personal traditions (the Edward doll is by far the strangest!). Much better than trying to create some sappy Norman Rockwell tableau.

I know there was the big "real" vs "fake" tree controversy but to me the more interesting issue is: does your tree have matching, coordinated ornaments or is it eclectic?

Our tree is decorated with three generations of child-made ornaments, a few heirlooms, and random ornaments collected or received as gifts over the years. A perfectly coordinated tree actually makes me sad but I can see how someone else could feel the opposite (and feel sorry for me and my unmatched tree).

Oh, we also have an ornament for each pet. We had the dog put to sleep last month and so there were more than a few tears when his ornament was unwrapped (although the star is safer this year).

Elizabeth said...

Too funny, and a fun idea! I'm with your son and how much I don't care for the Jacob character, and the actual actor that plays him!