January 8, 2010

Another WCI student caught with pot--may be related to earlier case

An eighth-grader at Walnut Creek Intermediate was caught bringing a small amount of marijuana and a pipe to school, Principal Kevin Collins advised parents Friday. That student was also arrested by the Walnut Creek Police Department and "is no longer enrolled in the Walnut Creek School District."

Collins adds that "while we were unable to confirm, this situation may have been related to the marijuana possession case that occurred before break." Collins says in his e-mail to parents:

"We remain committed to providing a safe and drug free school environment. In light of this, WCI administrators will be visiting classes to reiterate school rules regarding drugs and alcohol. We are again asking parents to talk with students regarding the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. Our school and parents need to work together to address these issues at WCI."
As for the earlier marijuana case to which Collins refers? I reported, back on December 19, that before the winter holiday break, a student was caught in possession of a lighter, pipe, and small amount of marijuana. Collins said back in December:

"Our disciplinary code also calls for a five-day suspension for any drug or paraphernalia possession or use, and also calls for police contact. The Walnut Creek Police Department typically places a student who is caught with drugs on a school campus into custody and transports them to the police station."
In that December e-mail, Collins assured parents that alcohol and drug possession cases are "rare" at Walnut Creek Intermediate. I noted that it is true that suspensions for drug and alcohol possession are "rare," according to reports the district makes to the state Department of Education. During the 2008-09 school year, a total of 100 Walnut Creek school district students were suspended, but only one was caught in possession or was involved in sales of alcohol or drugs.

No students in the district were expelled last school year. However, the district has already expelled one student, and the above language about the eighth-grader disciplined this week--that the student "is no longer enrolled" in the district--suggests another expulsion might be in the works. It is the same language Collins used about one of two students involved in two separate incidents back in November, when these students were caught with knives on campus. 


Anonymous said...

Its just sex, drugs, and rock and roll with these kids these days.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long before we can just tax the kid to death for his pot.