January 26, 2010

Ironhorse Trail warning after WCI sixth-grader approached by suspicious man

After a man approached a sixth-grader Monday and asked him to “come with him,” Walnut Creek Intermediate Principal Kevin Collins issued this warning to students (and their parents) about students walking by themselves before or after school.

As someone who has run that trail, and seen some of the characters who use our otherwise excellent public bike and walking paths, I’m glad the principal is issuing this warning.

From Principal Collins:
We want to advise our community about an incident involving one of our students that occurred on the Iron Horse Trail after school this afternoon.    

A sixth grade student was leaving campus after 4 p.m. by himself.  A man described as white, approximately 40 years old, under 6 feet tall, and of medium build, approached the sixth grader and urged him to come with him.  The adult did not touch or threaten our student, and because the incident occurred on the trail, there was not a vehicle nearby.

The student ran back to campus and reported the incident to the office.  We immediately contacted the Walnut Creek Police Department who had several officers respond.  They performed an area search and interviewed our student, but were unable to locate the suspect.  

We commend our student for quickly recognizing a bad situation, running away, and coming to the office to report the incident. 

The trail is a very busy place at the end of the school day at 3:00, but there may be few people on the trail at later times in the afternoon. 

WCPD recommended the following to our students:

--Do not walk alone on the trail

--Consider being picked up in front of the school if leaving after dismissal

--Do not talk with strangers

--Report any suspicious or awkward situations immediately to an adult and/or the police

--Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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Anonymous said...

You would think WCPD would contact the Iron Horse Trail staff about this incident. They have not as of today. The trail staff only knows because they read Claycord and Crazy in Suburbia.