January 25, 2010

Open Carry guys miffed that California Pizza Kitchen doesn't want them

On the heels of an announcement that CPK won't allow members of those unconcealed-firearm totin' guys into their restaurants, members of Open Carry have vowed to boycott the pizza chain.

"Add them to your boycott list," says one member in the group's online forum

Members of Open Carry, a Bay Area group that advocates the open display of firearms (unloaded, as allowed by state law) had planned one of their "demonstrations" at California Pizza Kitchen in Broadway Plaza on February 6. Members of the group have recently shown up, with their guns and ammunition strapped to their belts, in a coffee house in downtown Livermore and in other spots.

Apparently, the group has called off their February 6 demonstration, because they have been told they are not welcome.

Lamorinda blogger friend, the EastBayDaze, who comes "out" as a Second Amendment advocate, also says the Open Carry guys have decided to call off their demonstrations at Peet's coffee locations.
One Open Carry member shares his letter to CPK on their forum, saying:
"As a long-time fan of your establishment, it is, with regret, I am boycotting your establishment. Our Constitution, the "law of the land," and numerous court rulings, support the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms.Criminals do not open carry. Honest, law-abiding citizens, however, do. I ask you: Which would you prefer in your establishment? Criminals carrying concealed weapons? Or honest, law-abiding citizens who open carry? One is a very strong deterrent to the other--one guess as to which."
But another says:

"To all criminals....

California pizza kitchen is a soft target. Feel free to enter and have your way with everyone there, They are all unarmed. Bring all your criminal friends. There is one hot waitress there, she will be available."


Anonymous said...

What extremely tacky comments from the Open Carry guys about Calif. Pizza Kitchen and the controversy, and the waitress, etc. If that's a legitimate post from ther site and not a troll who's visiting their site, that just shows the character of the Open Carry mob.

And it's another reason for me to give my business and money to Calif. Pizza Kitchen.

Take that, Open Carry reactionaries!!!

Eating pizza for a cause. Now there's a cause I can embrace, waistline be damned.

Anonymous said...

I'm a strong advocate of the 2nd admendment and I could care less if these guys open carry, but is that guy who made the second statement off his rocker or what?

Anonymous said...

Is the second guy advocating the rape of a CPK waitress? If so he should be thrown in jail.

Anonymous said...

I will eat again at CPK. If there is a problem, the WCPD will show up and take care of it, just like in normal cities.
The last thing we need is a bunch of testosterone fueled idiots with their guns, expecially ones that advocate violence and harming women.

MC said...

actually the 6th is still happening, only the location has changed and is not going to be announced to the public.

Anonymous said...

They should do it anyway. They have a constitutional right. Maybe we can have the ACLU sue CPK.

Anonymous said...

Establishments have the right to determine who they will and will not serve, and under what conditions. If they can say that customers have to wear shirts and footwear, they can also say that they will not serve people packing guns.

Just because someone has the constitutional right to own a gun does not mean that they have to wear it out in public and scare the carp out of people who do not know whether or not it is loaded.

Anonymous said...

Hurray!I believe in the second amendment,but the open carry gang has lost my support. I will return to chowing down in downtown!

A sister for the second!!

Anonymous said...

I don't normally eat at CPK, but I probably will now.

Maybe I am stupid, I mean I get that the 2nd amendment allows us to bear arms, but what purpose does it really serve? It seems obvious to me that WCPD will have to stop their normal patrols to check to make sure that the guns are not loaded. It seems like a waste of their resources.

The post asking who would I rather see in CPK, open carry people or criminals, how about neither!

The other post confuses me. Is it widely believed by the open carry people that if a criminal act occurs that they will load their guns and get involved? Do they need to be checked by a mental health professional before getting a gun license?

Anonymous said...

Where is the ACLU when people are prevented from entering a pizza place.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the waitress was creepy. A real window into the soul of some of these people.

Anonymous said...

good job CPK! you have eliminated an effective means of legal self defense and have done away with peoples inalienable rights while at your establishment. do you really think criminals are going to say "oh shucks, im not allowed to have a gun in there, i guess i wont go in" no, they will continue to break rules and laws, and now CPK is a safe place for them. they know that no one has a gun, they can go in and do what they want.

CPK and W Bush should team up! they have got the right idea with the patriot act and taking rights away. it is almost funny how people just stand by and let people walk all over them and think its a good thing.

9:05, average police response time is 9-12 mins. how many people could be shot while waiting that long? when seconds count, police are only mins away.

7:42 if the 2nd didnt serve a purpose, police and military wouldnt need guns, they would throw flowers at criminals and terrorists. further, you do not have a choice as to whether crimals carry guns or not, they do what they want. CPKs policy has only detered law abiding, responsible citizens, it has done nothing for the safety of their patrons. and no, you do not need a mental check before carrying a gun, its a constitutional right, just as you do not need a mental check to speak, or write, or be safe in your home.

I will be going to CPK often in hopes that a violent crime is commited in my presens, i will then sue them for not allowing me to defend myself.

DumbAsBricks said...

You California people may not remember this:'s_massacre

Criminals For Gun Control said...

It's called SARCASM, and you all fail.

Disarm the law-abiding and you give criminals absolute control. Thanks for playing right into their hands.

Anonymous said...

It is sad when the basic rights of each american are taken away from them. What is even more sad is that other americans seem to support such actions! If some body told you that you didn't have the right to free speech in their restaurant wouldn't you be upset? Wouldn't there be a chance that you could make a somewhat exaggerated comment about it? I will no longer be eating at CPK, they do not support the constitution!

Anonymous said...

So will they ban Blacks next? If they aren't abiding by the lawful rights of an individual, then what is next?

DumbAsBricks said...

They are within their rights to refuse service. What is more constitutional than that?

Anonymous said...


the right to refuse service is directly in the constitutional amendments. so it is not constitutional at all.

what would be more constitutional than denying service, would allowing people to excersize their constitutional rights.

you really are as dumb as a brick arent you?

DumbAsBricks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

10:12...I must be dumb as a brick too because I can't for the life of me figure out what you were trying to say. Really. Your comment made no sense.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to say that the right to refuse service is not in the constitution.

So, being "within their rights to refuse service" has nothing to do with the constituition.

Anonymous said...

Just for some perspective: How many people were shot by a criminal in Walnut Creek last year? Zero. How about the year before that? Zero. How about the year before that? Zero.

People who think they are performing a public service by carrying their weapons into CPK are like the guy in the joke who claimed his pajamas were keeping away elephants: "You don't see any elephants, do you? They're working!"

DumbAsBricks said...

Well, as much as freedom of religion, press, and speech applies in the right to refuse service, I would say it is. Where CPK doesn't have the right to refuse service is based on disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

The Open Carry agenda could be viewed more like a political agenda and that would make it akin to forcing CPK to accomodate a Republican type of crowd. That's not going to happen.

The second amendment, while it does give the right to bear arms, it has been interpreted over the years to mean certain arms in certain quantities and transported in certain ways. Additionally, it did not apply to 8 year olds and it did not say completely unmitigated ownership of tanks, nuclear weapons, or submachine guns.

DumbAsBricks said...

Not sure about the ADA, race, gender, etc. comment.

Any business can risk losing their customers by denying any customer for any reason, I think.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if any of you Open Carry people would ring in on how you stand on the Gay Marriage issue? For or against?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:36 - maybe you should check your facts. You obviously forgot about the guy who was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car parked by the Post Office last year. Yes, he was shot.

Stats for WC include 2 shooting deaths in 2009, 1 in 2008, 2 in 2007, and 2 in 2005. I know that 1 of those was domestic violence, but maybe somebody would have been alive if there had not been a gun and ammo readily available at home.
And by "criminal", well I guess everyone of the shooters became a criminal.

Anonymous said...

you know, i've never liked the quality of the pizza at CPK and the restaurant is noisy and chaotic. but after this move to refuse service to those open carry nutjobs, i think i've found a new favorite pizza joint! money talks, people. lets go show CPK that we approve of their stand here.

Anonymous said...

I truly don't grasp the whole concept of these "Open Carry" meetings. OK, you've got your right, why do you have to go to a family friendly pizza place and let everyone know? I'm not a gun freak mom by any means (pirate pistol cap guns for Christmas.....), but seriously, what's the point of these?

The one comment about the waitress is just plain creepy. A total bully. I'll stick with the police officers in WC, thanks very much. I know two individuals in this state who are licensed to carry a gun- I wouldn't trust one of them to walk my dog, let alone carry a gun.

I'll happily support CPK.


Anonymous said...

"Establishments have the right to determine who they will and will not serve, and under what conditions. If they can say that customers have to wear shirts and footwear, they can also say that they will not serve people packing guns.

Just because someone has the constitutional right to own a gun does not mean that they have to wear it out in public and scare the carp out of people who do not know whether or not it is loaded."

To whom posted this, can you please tell me why guns, unloaded or not scare the crap out of you??

Anonymous said...


How about the fact that it is almost impossible to obtain a CCW, concealed weapon permit in this state, especially anywhere near the Bay area.

Unloaded open carry, UOC is the only legal option for many people who want to be able to protect themselves, and loved ones.

Do they have a right to do that?

Anonymous said...

"Unloaded open carry, UOC is the only legal option for many people who want to be able to protect themselves, and loved ones."

UOC is more about making statement than really offering UNLOADED gun is not protection.

And for all the weenies blathering on about CPK and right to bear arms...CPK is not the government! The constitution defines the framework for the government not what some windbag is entitled to do at the local pizza joint.

Anonymous said...

"UOC is more about making statement than really offering UNLOADED gun is not protection"

Your right about an unloaded gun not being a good form of protection. Although I would still at least have it with me, and have the option of using it if I need, than need it and not have it with me.

Unfortunately, some government weenies stepped all over our right to bear arms in this state when they made it illegal to openly carry a loaded weapon. Leaving myself and countless others UOC as the only option if CCW are not issued.

I carry for protection of myself and loved ones because its the only viable legal way to do so, do I try to educate the public and pass on knowledge to those interested? You bet, but my main purpose is to be able to protect myself and loved ones. Not everyone who UOC is out there just to exercise their right.

I would like to ask anyone that is willing to answer this question. Why do guns themselves scare you? They are only inanimate objects, it takes a human being to use them. "guns dont kill people, people kill people".

Guns are no more likely to jump up and bite you on there own that a rock, a knife, a pencil.

When is the last time a criminal obeyed the law? Making more laws, does not affect criminals. They are criminals because the don't obey the laws already.

In this example involving California Pizza Kitchen, how many of you that think it is OK for them to ban UOC would stand for a similar ban on all conversations within their restaurants related to gay marriage/homosexuality? Would you support a ban by CPK on that issue??

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1010a

"Guns do not kill, people do" is a correct statement in theory. In reality, having a gun hanging on your hip probably evokes a feeling of power like driving a sports car. It does something to your psyche. You don't see many people speeding down the road or drag racing in grandma's car, but it seems to happen with sports cars and souped up cars.

There was a basketball player who recently said on "Real Sports with Bryant Gumball" that he never had or wanted a gun his entire life. After joining the NBA, he said he got a gun in less than 8 seconds. He went on to say that before owning the gun, when someone approached him he just thought they were going to ask for an autograph or commend him on his playing. Now that he has a gun and when someone approaches him, he feels like something negative is going to happen to him and he mentally prepares to grab his gun to "protect" himself.

Why create a sense of paranoia thinking that you have the goods to protect yourself in the unlikely event you will need it. This isn't the Wild Wild West. Own your gun, just leave it at home.

DumbAsBricks said...

If we are talking about having a conversation at your own table in a moderate tone of voice, then the discussion can be about anything. If you start tossing out profanities and are generally threatening, it doesn't matter what your issue is, you can't do that. You are threatening and I don't want to be around you.

For some people, the idea of a bunch of people walking around with guns for no particular reason is disheveling because it is a percieved threat.

You can't trust everyone with a gun. Some people just can't handle it. And over time, something will happen eventually. Earlier this year, a gun misfired at a diner when it fell out of the jacket pocket of a licensed CCW holder. That would never have happened if he had his weapon on safety, loaded but no chambered, and/or in an appropriate holstering situation.

He was trained and licensed and he did nothing wrong. He almost killed somebody, no charged were filed, but that doesn't mean he isn't a fool.

I don't want to be around him and I don't think he should be allowed to carry a weapon ever again.

Anonymous said...

CPK is narrowminded. I'm sure this decision will not help their business. I, for one, will never take my family to eat there after this decision.

Anonymous said...

Looks like CPK is our new regular restaurant. And, intend to tell me server why I'm eating there: Because they refuse to cater to the open-carry nutjobs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:19- you seriously feel that you need to carry a weapon (loaded or unloaded) in Walnut Creek? That's ridiculous. Personally, unless you live/work in a dangerous area (Oakland, etc.), carry large amounts of cash for business or have some stalking issues that have warranted by a protection order, I can't think of any reason why you would have to carry a weapon in this area. I'm hardly a peace freak, but this is nuts- what in the world are you protecting your "loved ones" from here in WC? A mad stampede at the Nordstrom sale shoerack?!?

Anonymous said...

I do wonder why, if OC works so well, they don't take their guns to a truly dangerous area for lunch to make their point. Having the show in Walnut Creek just gets them laughed at. Really, I'm more embarrassed for these guys than anything else.

BS Detector said...

Soccer Mom:
OpenCarry is yanking your chain.

There is no CPK Press-Release

Also, the OpenCarry site has a "sticky post" telling their members NOT to OpenCarry until a CA RTKABA amendment is passed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:00

This isnt about just one CPK, this is about ALL CPK, is Walnut Creek safer than other places? Probably, do bad things still happen? Yes. And if you believe bad things only happen in "rough" areas and to people that carry large sums of money, your perspective of reality is off a bit.

I would like to ask the people that have said, "I'm OK with you having a gun, just leave it at home"

Why do you feel the home is the only place a gun is needed? Does the 2nd Admentment read "shall not be infringed, but this really only applies if you keep your gun at home. Its ok to have it in your house but please leave it there, nothing violent ever happens outside of ones home"

If it is so safe outside of our homes, why do police carry guns, if Walnut Creek is so safe, why does WCPD carry guns?

Why do you all think that police with guns are so much safer than a public with guns? DO you realize must police only "qualify" with their firearms about twice a year? And some can barely do that.

Anonymous said...

CPK obviously doesn't mind customers that are armed...they just don't want customers that are visibly armed. It might scare the children...oh god the children.

Out of sight and and of mind, guess that makes everyone happy. The next time an armed citizen stops a robbery or a mugging, or an assault remember to thank them. And remember this country only exists because people decided to stand up and fight for what they believe in....guess what they used? Guns!

Anonymous said...

"Why do you all think that police with guns are so much safer than a public with guns?"

Because the majority of the police are not nuts, something which can't be said about civilians with the need to display their firearms in public.

Anonymous said...

And when seconds count....the police are only minutes away

Anyone that would enforce unconstitutional laws, when they swore to protect the constitution...and point loaded firearms at people in the name of officer safety have to be a little nuts, they just happen to have a badge to go with their gun.

Anonymous said...

So this has now turned into a "We're more qualified than the police, we'll be there to help more quickly, you're better off with us being armed" forum? thanks, I'll take my chances with the WC police thank you very much.

I feel SO much safer with civilians carrying weapons.

anon 6:40 - I couldn't have said it better!

Anonymous said...

Who do you think the young man shot and killed by the BART cop thought was more qualified to use a firearm?

The police or a citizen?

Anonymous said...

Cars kill FAR more people every year than guns do....

Why should we fear civilians with guns anymore than crazy civilians with cars?

Anonymous said...

Leave your gun at home so that you can protect your home and property until the proper authorities arrive to assist. I grew up in NYC and can't imagine the comotion it would cause to see people openly carrying weapons, loaded or not.

I agree with the person who says, why Walnut Creek and not Oakland or Richmond. Why not go to downtown Richmond late on a Friday night and exercise your OC rights? Maybe carrying your gun makes you feel "bigger", "larger"? You want to draw attention to yourself?

Also, still waiting on an answer from those who are stating that it is their constitutional right to carry about how they feel about Gay marriage. No takers? Thought so.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how many of you feel threatened by the sight of an unloaded gun. The liberal anti-gun brainwash really took with a lot of you.

Not being a NorCal native, I find it kind of amusing, yet sad and pathetic at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Let's see you talk about feeling threatened?

I can understand that sombody might feel threatened by the sight of a gun because people less familiar with guns might not be able to tell wether or not it is a loaded gun and even with the clip removed it is possible for a bullet to be in the chamber.

But why do you feel so threatened that you have the need to bring a gun in plain sight to a familly pizza dinner at CPK in WC?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:52

A gun is a gun, it takes someone to use it, you shouldn't be anymore threatened by a loaded gun than an empty gun. Except with the exception of when it is being pointed at you. If we didn't have guns, someone would have decided to open carry their stick, and some whiner ass liberal would complain because it threatens them, or scares the children.

Guns are not the problem, what people do with them, and any other object is the issue. Creating more laws or enforcing the current gun laws doesn't work to stop criminals, criminals being concerned or afraid the person they are looking to mug/rape/kill might be armed and cause them harm is what is going to stop criminals.

They don't want to die trying to steal my wallet, or holding up a CPK, now they know CPK is a place to go to do crime, its a gun free zone.

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative Repulican from Texas and this Open Carry group sounds like a bunch of bullies even to me. And THAT'S sayin something!

charlotte, NC said...

You all are taking way this too seriously. Uncle Sam allows only law abiding citizens to carry a gun. The people committing crimes with guns don't have a permit, didn't purchase it legally, and don't care for the law. Don't put the blame on those who respect the law because of what criminals with guns are doing. If you really have a problem with it, write to Obama to amend the 2nd amendment and change history. good luck.

"It's better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it"

Anonymous said...

i feel bad for anyone at CPK when a gangster that read this comes in, with out a cop in sight. There will be no body legally armed to defend innocent civilians because legal gun owners and carriers of guns can't eat there. What gangster with any IQ is going to want to rob a place with lawful-gun-carrying people there? I agree with charlotte, nc's post.

GO VOLS!!! said...

funny stuff. I'm from Nashville,TN and I open carried my glock 23 with my wife at CPK last weekend. No one said nothing to me. I open carry pretty much everywhere the law lets me, with 2 extra magazines, and have never gotten kicked out or dirty looks from anyone. I guess it helps when you're 6'5, 248 lb.

The Truth said...

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain status of independence from from any who might attempt to abuse them, which also includes their own government."
-George Washington

"A government that does not trust it's law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust."
-James Madison

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the outcome of the vote."
-Benjamin Franklin

The 2nd amendment is here to stay folks. Stop complaining and do something proactive like find a cure for cancer or feed the hungry.

Μολὼν λαβέ

Anonymous said...

Ironically, openly carrying guns into family restaurants in Walnut Creek is likely to backfire (pardon the pun) if advocating gun rights is the goal.

TaxiDave said...

I carry a firearm when I can. Not because of any feeling I get wearing it. It's merely a tool available for use when needed. I carry a spare tire in my car too. Not because I plan on running over anything, but if I need it it's there. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. To quote the Boy Scout Motto "Be Prepared".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Truth @ 324p

"Knowledge is good"

Animal House

Anonymous said...


arealpatriot said...

All you gunphobic liberals go ahead and love your gun banning businesses. You will all be sitting ducks for any criminal activity and deserve what happens. If I was intent on robbing somewhere, the first place I would pick would be California Pizza Kitchens.
You all need to post signs on your front yards proclaiming that you home is "gun-free". That way the bad guys will know just who to rob, rape and maim. Practice what you preach! Of course none of you socialist morons have the will to back yourselves up. That is the liberal way.
You are all morons and deserve anything bad that happens. Thank God we are the majority.

Anonymous said...

First of the guy advocating rape is a nut second their is no reason for people to fear citizens who choose to open carry open carry. If you don't like it then push your reps to allow concealed carry. I find it funny how people are scared of guns this leftest mind set has taught them to be ignorant and it shows.

Anonymous said...

I am a Marine and I support indavidual rights cpk doesn't want there patrons to defend themself and others OK good for them that's OK I will no longer eat there I respect that but never again will I eat there for I will be exersizing my right as well. Just cause I carry a gun does not make me a bad person a Cali ccw is next to imposable to get an im law abiding. So I will carry openly and hopefully deter any criminal that carries concieled from harming me and others its funny how most liberals say they love this country so they try an change it as much as possable and take away rights
As for the waitress comment it wasn't right but guess what its not all of our openions just that persons.