January 8, 2010

You’ll be able to ice skate in downtown for another month

The Downtown Walnut Creek on Ice rink, due to close next week, will stay open another month. 

The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Business Association have decided that the rink will stay open until February 15, instead of closing on January 18, Martin Luther King Day. 

Walnut Creek Chamber president Jay Hoyer explained that the Winter Olympics will likely raise interest in ice skating, and that the rink, which is a huge attraction, will benefit downtown merchants. “Perhaps a future Olympian will get their start at Walnut Creek on Ice,” Hoyer said.

Each of the rink’s past five seasons has attracted around 45,000 people. For more information call 925-935-7669 (SNOW) or go to


Anonymous said...


Castle Hill Bill said...

Smart thinking!

Anonymous said...

Uh-Oh, SM,

Some more people might have fun skating and then spend money on lunch and shopping in WC.

Then we might all feel better.

Anonymous said...

Damn Library!