February 6, 2010

Open Carry guys to be a Buckhorn Grill this morning

Members of Bay Area Open Carry, who advocate the open display of guns in public, will take their Walnut Creek demonstration to Buckhorn Grill in Plaza Escuela, near the Cheesecake Factory and across the street from Starbucks. The Mayor of Claycord first reported their new location late last night.

The Open Carry members had planned their meetup at California Pizza Kitchen this Saturday morning at 11, but were told by CPK that they were not welcome.  The Open Carry members wear unloaded guns as well as ammunition; they wear them proudly as a statement of their legal right in California to openly bear arms in this manner.

Here's what the Open Carry members say on their forum about their new location. And, how they are upset that someone leaked out this information. They wondering about who the spies are amongst them.  

Information on the meetup location got out. The Brady Campaign is HAMMERING on the location management . The Brady Campaign have threatened today to make postings claiming that the Buckhorn Grill is not safe for the public to patron !!!!!!


Send in your emails to The Buckhorn Grill supporting law-abiding citizens rights

This will likely be featured all over Bay Area TV media tonight and tomorrow. Tune in.


The Buckhorn Grill has "The Best Tri-Tip on the Planet" and we plan to buy a lot of it tomorrow !

Besides media, they expect protesters. In any event, one forum poster said, "Even tho it goes without saying, be on your best behavior! Do not engage any protesters! We are a friendly bunch, only out to enjoy a meal and have a good time!"

In the meantime, the Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association issued an alert this week to its members about the possibility of an Open Carry demonstration today:

"The question of whether a business establishment may refuse service to an individual openly carrying an unloaded firearm is determined by the business establishment and its own rules. We recommend that business establishment consult with their own legal counsel in making a decision on this matter."


The Biotech Investor said...

These guys are AWESOME

Anonymous said...

if I didn't have plans all day, I'd definitely stop by to shake each and every one of their hands.

Anonymous said...

The person with the biggest gun wins!

Anonymous said...

Are these guys (girls?) from WC or go they come from all over? They should congregate in places like East Oakland or East Palo Alto where they could put their guns to use....what fun that would be!

Jojo Potato said...

I don't know what these guys idea of morning is, but I just walked by there and they don't open until 11am. Maybe they can shoot up Starbucks across the street while they wait.

AKA Soccer Mom said...

Well, I'll be doing a Starbucks run fairly soon. And, if Buckhorn Grill isn't open, the Open Carry members can pop over for a latte and a frapuccino. I'm open to having a chat with them. And Starbucks did announce that they would not refuse to serve members of Bay Area Open Carry.

Anonymous said...

The only place these pathetic loser jackasses belong is in their respective mother's basements playing World of Warcraft.

Anonymous said...

SM -

Are you trying to stir up trouble here in river city? Why bother to even give these people the publicity they want so much.

By encouraging them and their detracters you are creating a "situation" that could have been a total fizzle if you didn't dignify their actions with numerous posts.

I own guns, received my pre-license training from the NRA, have hunted all my life and believe strongly in the
2nd Amendment but see no reason to carry when I am out and about.

Being a responsible gun owner, knife owner, or any deadly weaponowner means that you do not incite others who may wish to do you harm.

LeftCoast said...

Why is it they only go to "upper middle class places where the need to carry and possibly use is almost nil?

Because at heart they are little cowards. The only way they can feel tough is to do it safely like this. They are the equivalent of the school yard bully for adults.

Seriously, as another commenter said, why don't they go somewhere where they might actually make a difference. Go to east Oakland and see how well that goes for you.

Oh and don't buy the right to carry justification for this, that's just a cover for how scared they are.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm with 10:21. Ignore the attention whores and cover real news.

Choosing WC as their venue kind of sings "I'm a cowardly blowhole". I'd respect them a bit (although strongly disagree with them) if they tried their silly stunt somewhere in Oakland or Richmond.

Dan Dawson said...

Had a great time at the meeting this morning, the Buckhorn Grill really does have excellent food!

There were no problems or concerns there at all: never saw anyone show any concern about the guns being there, and not a single uniformed police officer in sight.

I actually heard quite a few people walk buy and make supportive comments to the group. No protesters either, we met up, had a nice lunch, made some new friends, and departed.

Anonymous said...


love to OPEN CARRY said...

LOL @ Anonymous poster:

"The only place these pathetic loser jackasses belong is in their respective mother's basements playing World of Warcraft."

WAS probably in his/her mom's basement behind a computer screen typing this comment ANONYMOUSLY while taking a break from World of Warcraft.

@ LeftCoast " Because at heart they are little cowards."

how funny you should say that. we open carry because we enjoy exercising our rights. unlike OTHERS who hides behind a computer screen and call others "cowards". truth hurts. doesn't it?

oh yeah by the way, we don't need your "respect" and we'd love to open carry in oakland. wanna plan it?

Generic Cialis said...

Honestly I have to applaud what these guys do, you must have a lot of nerve to do this. They are so admirable.

Roberta said...

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