February 5, 2010

Suspicious guys eyeing Foothill Middle School students, as Concord police release images of suspects in one kidnapping and reveal that another girl made up her story of being grabbed and chased.

As Concord police continue to hunt two men suspected of abducting an Oak Grove Intermediate School girl on January 28, her story is being followed by sightings of other suspicious men in Walnut Creek and another girl’s false claim of someone trying to abduct her.

Walnut Creek School District Patty Wool, in an e-mail alert to parents, says that the Walnut Creek Police Department are investigating a report that two Hispanic males, in a white GMC van, on Thursday drove by three Foothill Middle School students and stared at them in a disturbing way. 

The students described the van as a late 1990s GMC model with tinted windows on both sides. The driver was described as a Hispanic male in his late 20s and early 30s, while the passenger was described as a Hispanic male in his late 20s or early 30s, with a triangular goatee, long slender nose, navy or black baseball hat, and a rusty brownish jacket.

Wool said the Concord police are investigating a similar incident involving a white van.

She is apparently referring to the case of a 13-year-old Oak Grove Intermediate School girl who says that a man in a white van drove up to her as she was waiting to be picked up at about 6 p.m. Friday from an after-school event. The girl told police that the man called her over, engaged her in a conversation, and grabbed her arm. After she broke free and as she was running back to the school, a second man chased her.

The Mayor of Claycord, quoting Concord police, is reporting now that this girl made up the story about the attempted kidnapping. 

While the girl did see a white van pass by her, as she waited in front of the school, the most that happened was that the driver of the van whistled at her. He didn’t stop, and he didn’t try to grab her, and no one tried to chase her.

However, this girl’s embellished story is not to be confused with an incident the day before, on January 28, involving another Oak Grove Intermediate student. Concord police say they are taking this situation seriously and have released these sketches of the suspects, which were published on Claycord. The Mayor says that the top sketch is of the driver; the bottom sketch is of the passenger.

This incident involves a girl who says she was picked up by two men in a black SUV, as she was walking to school at Oak Grove. She said she was driven around for several hours, then dropped off, uninjured, at an undisclosed location in Walnut Creek.


Anonymous said...

Have you kids use their cell phone cameras if they see suspicious activity.

Anonymous said...

It's not PC to say so but women do lie about being attacked and sexually assaulted. Which is too bad, because it gives the real victims a bad reputation, makes it harder to believe their stories and it wastes the time of authorities. I hope the girl who made this report gets severely punished. Maybe some time in Juvenile Hall for a false report would do her some good.