March 26, 2010

Students rally to save arts, electives and other programs in our schools

State budget cuts are threatening to cut English, science, foreign language, social studies, mathematics and arts classes in the Acalanes Union High School District. The elective programs at risk are studio art, academic decathlon, band, choral music, drama, digital design, mock trial, public speaking, student newspapers.

State budget cuts are also threatening fourth and fifth grade instrumental music programs in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

To save these programs, Acalanes district students will be holding a rally in downtown Lafayette Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. They are asking property owners who reside within the district’s boundaries to support the $112-per parcel Measure A tax. For more information about the rally, or Measure A, check out the About Measure A website

Join us at this one of a kind event, brought to you by students, teachers, administrators, and parents working together to celebrate our excellent schools. Come support all students – your kids, friends, and neighbors – and the extraordinary programs currently at risk. Bring the whole family!

Meanwhile, the Mt. Diablo Music Education Foundation is offering you the chance to win a cruise for four to Vancouver, or a five-day, four-night vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida.  

A $10 donation buys you won chance to win one of these prizes. A $20 donation buys you three chances to win. And so on… The seven-night Disney cruise to Florida is valued at $9,000. Make your donations now, and find out on May 15, during a drawing at the MDMEF Musical Festival at Sleep Train Pavilion whether you and your family won. To donate, go to the foundation's website


Masterlock said...

Doesn't the Acalanes district already have a parcel tax in place? Is this to continue that or a new one? My friend Sol is a teacher, he needs a fundraiser to support his hairline.

Anonymous said...

Masterlock, the website referenced answers your question.

Anonymous said...

Oops..there are 2 websites referenced in the post. I meant the first one:

Anonymous said...

Do the students have any suggestions as to where the money should come from?

I mean specifically which programs should be cut so that they can do some coloring?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this SM. This information is so useful. I really appreciate the time you take to make this available.

Those of us who just sit here and make comments (especially the people who just complain and snark) should really be doing something ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Does Anonymous (commenting about "do(ing) some coloring") really think that all that's needed in school is the 3-Rs?

Make a list (A) of all the jobs in this world (OK, just this State) that require proficiency in other than the 3-Rs. Start with Architect and end with Welder.

Now, make a list (B) of those that this State can do without.

If List B equals List A, then I'll vote against paying for that which doesn't do this world (or State) any good.

Lafayette has long done more than its duty to produce useful adults, and in direct correlation, we have the property values to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:55 said "make a list (B) of those that this State can do without"

The state can "do without" a lot of things when it finds out it cannot afford those things.

I could say that I can't "do without" some Tiffany jewelry, but if I don't have the money to buy any, then can't have it.

Get it? Why do Californians always start with what they must have, instead of starting with what they know they can afford?

Anonymous said...

These students are a bunch of whiny nanny pants. They need to realize that the world needs ditch diggers to. Maybe we should all pitch in to buy them a shovel so they can practice their future profession.

Anonymous said...

7:57 may be close.

There are people who want us to be training the white collar equivalent of ditch diggers. These are people who want our corporations filled with mindless middle managers whose only goal in life is to further some corporation's bottom line. They think the only people who should be leading the country in the future should come from private schools.

Art, music, and academic decathalons encourage creative and critical thinking. Be wary of people who advocate less of that.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could draw. I'd draw Anonymous @ 7:57 pm. snarking about the lazy kids, sprawled out with his fat ol' belly exposed in the back of the wagon, pulled by the students of his district.

Anonymous said...

Any student who protests should be expelled from school.

You don't like it, huh? Then feel free to leave. What a bunch of douchebags students have become these days.

Anonymous said...

maybe the parents should pony up and pay for these programs for their kids instead of asking the community to pick up the entire tab.

Aren't there any decent private schools in the east bay?

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love this new element in our society. Love the "why should I pony up to pay for the next generations education?" Our country has grown strong due to the sacrifice of previous generations to provide for the education of their children. Now we have these people who don't care to lend a hand, want a free ride, cut to the front of the line, you know the type. They are the first absolve themselves of all responsibilities....probably don't take their cans in after garbage day.