May 5, 2010

Be safe while you celebrate Cinco de Mayo

I was hearing from a Walnut Creek police officer, during a ride-along I took last Saturday morning, that certain, more alcohol-fueled Cinco de Mayo celebrations, can make things busy for the police and less safe for celebrants. 

With that in mind, here's a safety reminder from the Walnut Creek police:
As you enjoy and celebrate Cinco de Mayo this season, the Walnut Creek Police Department would like to remind you to be responsible and safe. Officers throughout the City and County will be on alert for DUI drivers and will have a zero tolerance for disruptive behavior as a result of alcohol consumption. Designated drivers and/or taxis are a great alternative to spending time in jail for DUI. We encourage everyone to be safe and have fun, but do so responsibly.


Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that!

Just kidding, there are too many idiots out running around as it is.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you are wearing an American flag.