September 5, 2012

Bakery to open Friday in former Walnut Creek Baking Company space

Denise Vickers officially closed her Walnut Baking Company last Friday after 10 years in business. And, it appears that landlord Patrick Ellwood, who purchased the business from Vickers, will carry out his promise to open a new bakery in that Locust Street storefront.

The new bakery is scheduled to open this Friday at 7 a.m, and it won't be the Walnut Creek Baking Company anymore.

It will have a new name, "but same great back [sic] goods," according to a makeshift sign posted on the door. Diablo magazine's Diablo Dish blog says Ellwood's wife, Denise, will run the bakery along with one of Vickers' former head bakers. "We want to take what was there before and run with it," Ellwood says.


Anonymous said...

wow - a landlord appears to have pushed out a profitable business and took over the business - -

there's got to be something wrong with that

Anonymous said...

WC Baking Company won't EVER be the same. I hope he fails miserably.