March 7, 2010

Swatiska graffiti reportedly found on Ironhorse Trail in Walnut Creek

Police received a report Thursday that several swatiskas and "words" had been spraypainted on a wall along the Ironhorse Trail near Las Lomas High School.

The report came in a little before 4 p.m., and the grafitti was just past the high school and near the support for the "overpass," presumably the pedestrian overpass the crosses South Broadway.

Perhaps it's time for some kids and teens in Walnut Creek to get lessons in history and in how some words and images have very painful associations in our culture.

That same afternoon, as I was waiting in the 7-Eleven parking lot on Oak Road to pick up my son from Walnut Creek Intermediate, I heard another student, a young white male, use the N-word to greet a friend, another white male student. You can read about the discussion that incident provoked on this post, "Hey N-----! A greeting between some Walnut Creek middle school boys."

I walked down the Ironhorse Trail this morning and looked for the grafitti, but didn't find it. The Walnut Creek police Daily Bulletin indicates that the police had referred the report to the East Bay Regional Parks District, which has jurisdiction over the trails. Perhaps the parks district got it cleaned up as quickly as possible.


Anonymous said...

These little pieces of garbage need to be caught, then sent out to start scrubing and cleaning all this graffiti around town. Obviously there are some parents not doing a good job of raising their kids.

Anonymous said...

8:44- You're assuming they're kids. Why? Immature? Yes. Selfish? Absolutely. Kids? Not necessarily.

Anonymous said...

What is the fine for graffiti? IMO it needs to be so severe that it will cause serious financial pain.

I can't stand to see it.